An integrated digital insurance solution for every real estate closing

Bubble’s state-of-the-art technology helps home buyers easily protect their homes & loved ones with digitally-bundled home & life insurance. It integrates seamlessly into real estate & mortgage transactions for timely & effortless close of escrow, while enhancing customer experience & engagement.


An end-to-end online platform

  • Personalized Homeowners + Life Insurance in minutes

  • One-stop-shop enhancing loan processing from start to finish

  • Digital experience of instant insurance purchase

How it benefits you

Lenders, Credit Unions, real estate companies, and professionals alike will benefit from Bubble’s platform in ways that will increase sales, expand product offerings to clients (mortgages, home insurance, life insurance), and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Revenue Surge

    Ancillary revenue stream with added sales through our platform

  • Transaction Speed

    Shorter processes for quick insurance buying makes for fast closing of loans

  • Customer engagement

    Features like HomeScore, LifeScore, and predicted cost estimates keep customers engaged

Banks, Mortgage Originators and Credit Unions

  • Risk reduction and additional cushion of safety
  • Offering multiple products like home and life insurance together
  • Mitigating friction/transaction time in home buying

Real Estate Agents

  • Co-branded Chrome extension that estimates overall homeownership costs
  • Brand recall with co-branded customer portal and life-long engagement
  • Enhanced “trusted advisor” status digitally to help clients protect their homes & families

Mortgage Companies

  • Quick processing
  • Digitization of process, documentation, and application journey
  • Efficient and smooth integration for greater customer satisfaction

LOS/POS Integration

  • State-of-the-art API to integrate with your LOS/POS solutions
  • Seamless, accurate, and real-time quote to bind home insurance with one click to customize while bundling term life insurance (in most cases without a medical exam)

A digital insurance solution for every loan closing

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Who we work with

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    Pacific Life

    Pacific Life is one of the most dependable and experienced insurers in the industry. Backed by more than 150 years of experience, you can count on us to be there so you can go out and pursue your passions.

    S&P Global
    AM Best
  • SBLI

    Our financial foundation has always been strong. And we take a prudent, cautious approach to our finances to ensure it always will be. For more than 110 years, policyholders have been able to trust that our financial strength means we'll be there for them when they need us most.

    S&P Global
    AM Best
  • Stillwater

    Stillwater Insurance Group has over 20 years of industry experience and is a growing national provider.

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    AM Best

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